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General WW Books
1Workshop Way
NEW AND REVISED • A Synthesis of the Original Manuscript of Grace H. Pilon, SBS   (2010 ©) • Basic Text of the Workshop Way that is used in all  workshops and instructional classes; • Explains the basic tenets and strategies of Workshop Way.

3Self-Concept and Reading the Workshop Way
Provides three approaches to reading which allows all students to learn how to read and to develop positive self-concepts regardless of their mental and academic abilities.
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8Descriptive, Comparative Investigation of the Pedagogical Design of Grace H. Pilon, SBS
This investigates similarities and differences between the educational ideas and practices of John Dewey, Maria Montessori and Grace H. Pilon's WORKSHOP WAY. Written by Mary Anne Dalton, SSJ, at Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

This 67 page booklet contains the basic WORKSHOP WAY  approach to discipline and prevention techniques, one of which is meeting students in the SIX-GROUP.  Included are 30 SIX-GROUP activities using math and language arts content for grades K-5.

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