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1Workshop Way
NEW AND REVISED • A Synthesis of the Original Manuscript of Grace H. Pilon, SBS   (2010 ©) • Basic Text of the Workshop Way that is used in all  workshops and instructional classes; • Explains the basic tenets and strategies of Workshop Way.

20WORKSHOP WAY Handbook for Pre-K
NEWLY REVISED 2015 This is a helpful HOW-TO-DO-IT book. It includes the psychology and philosophy essential to safeguard human dignity in all students if they are to attain Self-Esteem. Use with cut-out materials #31.

30Instant Personality Activities Pre-K
NEWLY REVISED Contains 160 whole class lessons that give equal opportunities to all students for language development and experiences that open up learning capacity and maintain the development of thinking skills. (REVISED ©2015) MUST BE USED WITH PRE-K Materials Cut-Outs #31.

31Pre– K Instant Personality Activities Materials Cut-Out Book
NEWLY REVISED 2015 It contains ALL the materials needed throughout the year for using #30 and #20.  It includes THE WORKSHOP SCHEDULE  task signs, THINKERS, 4 Philosophy Signs, Pre-K Success Envelopes (a study of pictures with words), Study Boards.

NEWLY UPDATED 2015 140 lessons designed to grow human skills while developing thinking and language living. These can be used in kindergarten at the beginning of the year.

60Risk Sheets - Preschool
NEWLY UPDATED 2015 Worksheets are designed to grow initiative and courage. The 160 lessons are geared toward the development of THINKING. 

UPDATED 2016 Materials allow students to discover they can learn, think, manage work, and read if a teacher follows the directions as prescribed. Contains 36 color labels, printed on self-sticking label paper.The 72 words are a combination of sight words and high frequency words and were chosen by referencing Grace Pilon's original work with K through 1st Gd. word lists from the Dolch List of the most common words for Primary grades and Fry's lists of the most frequently used words.

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