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Fifth Grade
1Workshop Way
NEW AND REVISED • A Synthesis of the Original Manuscript of Grace H. Pilon, SBS   (2010 ©) • Basic Text of the Workshop Way that is used in all  workshops and instructional classes; • Explains the basic tenets and strategies of Workshop Way.

220Practical Handbook
Grades 2-8   Describes in detail the first ten days of school, for older students. Seventh and eight grade teachers in self-contained classrooms find it valuable.

45620 Game (Grades 4, 5, 6,) Almanac
Contains three main sets of materials: States, Countries, and Olympics. The purpose of this activity is to help students make decisions by thinking, and to develop familiarity in handling an almanac as a source of reference materials (with the acquisition of the content information being the by product).

479Five Sentences Math - Gds. 4-5
This task contains 36 assignments. Topics include data analysis, fractions, probability, number theory, measurement, geometry, patterns, and pre-algebra. The task is organized for students to form sets of sentences from each of these topics.

495Pencil Illustration Task 4th Grade and Upper
Contains 50 pages of assignments, four sentences to each page. Helps develop power of imagination for details in art; concentration on task and helps discover talent in students.

This book of 170 complete English Lessons contains middle grade content. It is patterned after the 5 activities of the INSTANT PERSONALITY ACTIVITIES and includes lists of Power Cards, Phrase cards, Old and New Risk Exercises. Should be used with #531.

531Instant Personality Activities Phrase Card Packs - Power Packs Grades 4 and up
Phrase Cards (12 packs 20 cards to a pack) Power Pack (8 packs, with 16 cards per pack) for use with INSTANT PERSONALITY ENGLISH   Phrase Card Pack is designed to saturate the students with the vocabulary of this content by seeing it, hearing it, and saying it daily. Power Pack: Each card contains a symbol or words that relate to a concept in the sounds of the language in their text and workbooks. This familiarity frees the students from fear. Grade 4 and up.

536Math Phrase Cards - Grade 5
NEW Math Phrase Cards are an essential activity of the whole class lesson that give students power over the vocabulary of their grade. The phrase cards can also be used in differentiated learning situations. There are twelve sets each containing 20 math phrases that correlate with grade level curriculum. The themes covered are number theory, computation, measurement, geometry, probability, statistics, patterns, and algebra. Since there is overlapping of content, there is also some overlapping of phrases from grade to grade.

537Math Power Cards - Grades 5-6
NEW Math power cards are an essential activity of the whole class lesson. They provide daily opportunities for students to handle the symbols of the content. They may also be used in differentiated learning situations. There are eighteen sets each containing sixteen power cards. The themes covered are the same as seen in the Math Phrase Cards and also have some overlapping of symbols in the two sets of cards.

5405th Grade Generic Homework
Contains over 165 lessons which cover a wide vocabulary of over fourteen hundred words. It includes 105 lessons of phrases using the grade level vocabulary and 35 lessons containing Word Meaning Exercises. It can be used with any reading series.

5505th Grade THINKERS
Contains 100 thinking activities for classifying, ordering, categorizing, math, reading, phonics, science, Basic English and various kinds of thinking skills. Experiences lead all students to discover they can create their own order in putting pieces of content together to make sense.

553Math THINKERS 5
These Math THINKERS are from the original set of fifth grade THINKERS. Additional THINKERS have been added to meet current curriculum needs and to create enough for a set of 50 THINKERS.

558Alphabetical Order - Science 5
There are 36 alphabetical order assignments each containing ten science words to be alphabetized. This task lends itself to many extended activities. Students gain power over the vocabulary of the subject.

559Vocabulary - Science 5
This task is designed to help students attain word recognition and literacy. There are 36 assignments, each containing four words, which are taken from grade level curriculum standards.

560Risk Sheets - 5th Grade
Worksheets are designed to grow initiative and courage. The lessons are geared toward the development of THINKING.

567Risk Sheets - Science 5
These tasks are specifically designed to allow students to verbalize and write similarities and differences; a task that enhances recall and retention of knowledge. The use of differences is a highly effective learning strategy.

570The WORKSHOP SCHEDULE - 5-6 Grade
Package is a complete set of the essential tasks signs prescribed by Grace H. Pilon, so that the students in each grade will have equal opportunities to live daily every experience needed to  the Sense Powers,  to Grow Life Skills, to satisfy  the Basic Human Intellectual Needs, and To Develop the Abilities of Consciousness (some kind of thinking throughout each day) which encourages human growth.

571The Workshop Schedule of Tasks for Science - Upper Elementary
This product contains twenty task signs for creating a WORKSHOP SCHEDULE for Science. An introduction is included that describes each task.
Now on sale for $25.00

579THINKERS - Science 5
These thirty-six THINKERS provide all students with the opportunity to recall knowledge, categorize, match, and use higher level thinking skills. The THINKERS are correlated with grade level objective and standards.

580Scratch Pad Technique Booklet 5th Grade
This unique reading material contains 170 lesson format. Each lesson has a variety of ten different directions for thinking which activates movement in the brain cells. The purpose is to develop “mental alertness” in all students. Students handle oral comprehension skills by interpreting the language of the content. All the teacher has to do is fill in the blanks using his/her own text books content.

588Five Sentences - Science 5
This task consists of 36 activities each containing five sentences relating to different themes in the science curriculum. Students sort each piece by color and then use the pieces to form sentences that directly relate to science objective and standards.
Now on sale for $40.00

597Pencil Illustrations - Science 5
These thirty-six activities, each containing four items for illustration, provide students with opportunities to recall knowledge through nonlinguistic representation. The content for these activities is taken from grade level standards and objectives.

637Daily Dozen - FRACTIONS
This task, Daily Dozen - Fractions, provides 40 assignments that range from identifying mixed numbers, simplest form, and improper fractions to comparing, computation, and writing original word problems. Answers are included. The task is suitable for grades 5-8.

638Daily Dozen - DECIMALS
This task is suitable for grades five through eight. It contains forty different assignment cards from identifying place value, rounding, expanded and word forms to ordering, comparing, computation, and creating original word problems. Answers are included.

This product contains twenty task signs for creating a WORKSHOP SCHEDULE for Math. An introduction is included that describes each task.

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